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Tybee Floatilla Rules and Regulations

When the dog days of summer are upon us and the heat starts to get unbearable, I can think of no better way to cool off than to float leisurely down the rivers of Tybee Island in an inner tube. No worries and no time constraints allow you to truly clear your mind and relax. It's a great way to spend time with friends and family and it's fun for everyone from age 5 to 105. Here are the Rules and Regulations of the Tybee Floatilla.

  • Safety is number 1; raising money is number 2. If you aren't a good swimmer, this fundraiser is not for you. There will be a lot of floaters in the river so we ask that everyone look out for one another. We are all here to have a good time, but take a second and get familiar with your surroundings. Remember Safety is number 1!
  • There is NO available parking at The Crab Shack. You must park on a meter on the south end of Tybee Island. Alley III, II, and I, Chatham Ave, 19th, 18th, 17th, 16th,16th lot, 14th lot, and Butler Ave will all have parking. Preparation is key. You must pay your meter. We have a transportation company sponsor the Floatilla and will provide shuttle service back to you vehicle.
  • NO LITTERING! If you see trash on the beach or in the water, please pick it up and store it with your trash. If you see someone litter, please don't say anything; just pick it up. We want every Floatilla event to be a positive event for Tybee. Again... we are all in this together.
  • NEW RULE: The only floats allowed entry are ones that hold 4 people or less. The LARGE floats are no longer deemed safe. The wind can sometimes blow a larger float into the marsh and oyster beds. One/two person inner tubes are the safest and work the best. Consider purchasing a 12v air pump to inflate your tubes. Blowing them up manually takes a while and can leave you light headed. Kayaks and Paddle Boards are also encouraged. NO MOTORIZED VESSELS are allowed entry. The Tybee Marine Rescue Squadron and volunteers will be in available to assist you if needed.
  • Bring your own water and food. NO glass or kegs. Broken glass is painful on the bare feet. Alcohol is permitted but is heavily discouraged. You must be 21 or over to drink alcohol by law. Sun, heat, hot water, the ocean, and alcohol consumption aren't a good combination. Please drink responsibly. If you bring a cooler, make sure it is properly secured so items do not fall out. Never take a Styrofoam cooler. They break apart and create a mess.
  • Do not climb on any dock that isn't the Crab Shack's dock unless you are having problems. Docks are private property.
  • All floaters are encouraged to wear shoes. There are lots of oysters in our rivers.
  • Don't forget sun block. Being burned on the river is never fun, especially on the days following the Floatilla.
  • When exiting the water at the Crab Shack, remain calm and patient. There will be ladders available for egress. Volunteers will be on the Crab Shack's dock to assist you. If you try to pull yourself up on the dock, you risk cutting yourself on the barnacles. Use the ladders! We will need you to get off he docks as soon as possible to prevent a jam up. There will be no hassling around on the docks for any reason. There is a float break down area on the top fixed dock.
  • Hats and sunglasses protect your eyes. You will be on the river for hours, and the glare can be bad without these items. On the other hand, sunglasses, cameras, wallets, and cell phones do not float! Please secure all your personal belongings you bring with you on the Floatilla. A dry box will work. From past experience, Ziploc bags aren't reliable.
  • You must sign the Tybee Floatilla waiver and register for the fundraiser. You must wear your wristband in order to gain entry into the Tybee Floatilla and to use the Crab Shack's dock. If you are a registered floater and see someone without a wristbands... politely ask them how they expect to get onto the docks at the Crab Shack. Floaters with out a wristband will not be allowed onto the Crab Shacks dock. Plain and simple. There is a limit to the Tybee Floatilla because safety is number 1. Let's not ruin a good thing.
  • DNR has determined that a float is defined as a vessel while we are floating on the Floatilla. Life jackets will be REQUIRED by law from here on out, on every Floatilla. You do not have to wear the life jacket, just attach it to your float. Law does require this (refer to Rule and Regulation #1). Children under the age of 12 must wear their life vest. and life vests are always recommended for anyone who is the slightest bit uncomfortable about their swimming abilities.
  • Follow ALL the rules and regulations!
  • Have FUN! The best part about the Tybee Floatilla is how relaxing this fundraiser is. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. Make sure to stick around at the Crab Shack and tell the bartenders and waitresses how thankful you are for their letting us use their facilities. A thank you goes a long way!
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